Galaxy Smith STUDIOS

Recording Studio in Brooklyn,NY

Galaxy Smith Studios WEBSITE is currently under construction.

For any inquiries:



call: 516-650-0193




Sound Workshop 34C


Recording Devices


Mac Pro Quad Core w/ Lynx Aurora 16, Avid HD Native Card

Pro Tools HD 10, Logic Pro, Ableton Live 9 Suite

Otari MX-5050





Lomo 19a19

Altec 670B

Pearlman TM-47

[2] Coles 4038

Neumann TLM-103

Beyer M88

Beyer M160

[2] AKG c214

AKG D112

[2] Sennheiser MD421-N

Sennheiser 441

[2] Electro Voice RE20

Electro Voice RE15

Electro Voice RE16

[2] Electro Voice 635A

Shure KSM44

Shure SM7a

[7] Shure SM57

[3] Shure SM58

Shure Beta 56

Heil PR30


[2] Blue Bluebird

GrooveTubes GT-66

[2] Rode NT-5s

[4] Cascade Fatheads

[2] Sony F-10

[2] Oktava MK012

[2] Oktava MKL-2500

Oktava ML52




API 3124

[2] Chandler LTD 1

Chandler Germanium

Great River MP-2NV

Groove Tubes Supre

Lomo Tube Pre (custom made by Chip Verspyck)

Summit 2Ba

Brent Averill API 312


Avalon VT-737

Avalon U5

[2] Focusrite Voicemaster Pro

[32] Sound Workshop 34c


Processing / Effects


API 2500

[2] Empirical Labs Distressor EL-8X

ADL 1000 (LA2A Clone)

[2] Warm Audio WA76 (1176 Clone)

Stam Audio SA-2A (LA2A Clone)

Orban 418A

TK Audio BC-1

[2] DBX 160X

DBX 162 VU


[2] Warm Audio EQP-WA (Pultec Clone)

Kush Audio UBK Clariphonic

Kush Audio UBK Electra


Pioneer SR-202

Master Room XL-305


Sound Workshop 262

Orban 111B

[2] Roland Space Echo RE-201

Roland Chorus Echo RE-501

Lexicon MPX 110

Univox Stage DE-1

Deltalab Effectron II


Plugins from UAD, Slate, McDsp, Waves, etc.




Barefoot MicroMain 27

Avantone Mixcubes

Furman HR 6 Headphone System




‘65 Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie

Sohmer Upright Piano**

Rhodes Mark II Seventy Three

Roland Juno 106

Moog Little Phatty

Hohner Clavinet D6*

Farfisa Professional*

Wurlitzer 206*

Nord Electro 3

Korg Triton Extreme*

Elka Organ*

Nord Electro 61*


'66 Rogers Holiday Drumkit

Gretsch Catalina Maple Drumkit

Precision Drumkit

Various snares, cymbals and hand percussion


Various guitars, basses and other strings




‘70s Fender Bassman

Fender Pro Reverb*

Fender Blues Jr.*

'51 Fender Champ*

'66 Fender Band Master

Carr Mercury

Ampeg SB-12*

Ampeg 15 inch Combo*

Dr. Z Maz 18

Orange 4x12*

Selmer Treble 'N' Bass Mk III

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier*

Peavey 5150*

Marshall 1960B 4x12*

Peavey Firebass*


Midi / Other


M-Audio axiom 25

APC 40

Push and Novation Launchkey 49

M-Audio keystation 88

Behringer midi controller 8 channel mixer


* call to verify availability

** tuning required before use